Spring is here! We are so excited for some warmer weather!
Here are some tips for spring cleaning and transitioning your home for the warmer months

1. Get Ready for Outdoor Living: Pull that patio furniture out of storage and wash everything down to get ready for the warmer days ahead

2. Lawn and Garden – There’s always plenty to do in the spring when it comes to your lawn and garden, so it’s smart to start early. Begin by pruning, planning this year’s garden, and ordering essentials

3. Get your grill in gear – get the grill out and clean it up in preparation for BBQ season

4. Wash window treatments.

Remember to wash the blinds, clean the curtains, and drop your drapes at the dry cleaners. We also recommend dusting the window casing, washing windowsills, and cleaning up any window hardware. 

5. Clean carpets and upholstery.

Another crucial step involves deep cleaning all the fabrics that have managed to absorb a lot of dust and germs that winters have collected. Use shampoo to clean your carpets as well as cloth-based furniture. To accelerate the process of drying up, open up the windows.

6. Wash woodwork, walls, baseboards, and cabinets.

Although the walls of your home do not look like they require cleaning, they still do. There is enough dust being collected by the vertical surfaces of your home to require a seasonal bath. Make use of a sponge and dishwashing soap to clean the surface in sections, which will make sure that a spot is not missed.

7. Clean light and ceiling fixtures.

For cleaning of the light fixtures, remove the light bulb as well as fixture whenever possible. Use soap and water to rinse the glass fixtures. In case the fixture is affixed to the ceiling, make use of a moist cloth for wiping it off, before you dry the fixtures. Use a rag to wipe the light bulbs. For easy cleaning of your ceiling fans, use a vacuum with a soft nozzle attachment. 

Play some good music and begin your spring cleaning today and it will soon be over. You’ll soon be able to relax in a clean home. In case you are getting ready to sell and require more cleaning tips, get in touch with us today for additional information.